EORA 2013 – An exhibition of work by the Class of 2013: EORA TAFE art students

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What's On at Verge

Curator Matt Poll
26 February – 1 March 2013
You are warmly invited to attend the official exhibition event on
Friday 1 March 5-7:30pm

EORA invitation_e-1
This years students all have varying approaches to their art making from painting, ceramics, sculpture and print making and some developing uniquely personal and expressive styles informed by friends and family who are artists. Nearly thirty years after its formation EORA is training and educating new generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, musicians, photographer’s, film makers and now digital content producers. The EORA 2013 exhibition at Verge gallery is just one of many more to come – and the University of Sydney is proud to host this year’s latest batch of arts students.

Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney
‘Widening Participation in the Humanities’

Verge Gallery provided by the University of Sydney Union.

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