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may at verge


MAY AT VERGE GALLERY April 30 – May 16 Opening 6pm-8pm Thursday April 30 Gallery 1: BETWEEN THE LINES – Sara Morawetz, Stella Rosa McDonald, Harriet Body, Julie Fragar, Jonathan McBurnie, Brooke Carlson. Gallery 2: COME IN NUMBER 51, YOUR TIME IS UP – Adrian Hobbs.   BETWEEN THE LINES […]

Order/Disorder, November 5-12

ORDER/ DISORDER November 5-12

ORDER/ DISORDER Order/ Disorder presents 19 artists’ response to the question, what roles do order and disorder play in their making art and in the ways viewers engage with their work? Presented in conjunction with an anthropology Symposium on the theme of disorder, the exhibition […]

1994-2014, October 22-24

1994-2014, OCTOBER 22-24

1994 – 2014. October 22-October 24 This show explores the exponential shifts in society, humanity and the arts that has occurred in the last two decades. Technology has shaped social interaction, ways of perceiving and ways of being in everyday life. As artists born after the 80’s we […]


Calaveras – Día de los Muertos October 29-31

CALVERAS – DIA DE LOS MUERTOS October 29-November 2 Launch night/celebration October 29, 6-8pm Calaveras – Día de los Muertos, is a themed group show co-curated by Mexican Maria del Rayo Vazquez and Australian Cara Cumming King, which features several artists from Guadalajara, México. Día […]

Verge Awards, October 9-17

VERGE AWARDS 2014. Opening October 9.

2014 Verge Award finalist exhibition A shortlist of the best works of 2014 will be exhibited during September at the Verge Gallery in the Jane Foss Russell Plaza, then the winners will be announced at our Awards Ceremony on Thursday 09 October, so please come […]



THE SILENCED: FROM 1957 UNTIL TODAY EXHIBITION, EVENTS, DISCUSSIONS FOR THE SYDNEY FESTIVAL OF DEMOCRACY AND SYDNEY FRINGE FESTIVAL The Sydney Democracy Network, based at the University of Sydney, joins with Chinese-born artist and Archibald finalist Wang Xu, to feature this timely and important collection […]


Free Association – Aug 27 – Sept 5

Free Association Seven Sydney College of the Arts graduate students come together to exhibit in this Verge show Free Association.Each artist has a distinct practice in this diverse show with media ranging from sculpture, installation, video, print media, painting and drawing. The common theme here […]

A Strange Invitation to Combat II, September 18

A Strange Invitation to Combat II, Thursday Sept 18

A Strange Invitation to Combat II September 18, 7-9pm A Strange Invitation to Combat part II was the second edition in our series of live Jazz evenings to take place in the gallery every six weeks. Each night will showcase experimental Jazz from seasoned musicians. […]