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Reactions and Interactions

14 Apr

WHAT: ‘Reactions and Interactions’ Spanish new media exhibition
WHO: Curated by Txema Agiriano
Work by Pilar Baizán, Jai Du, Mauro Entrialgo, uh513 and Daniel Romero.
WHEN: Opening Wednesday April 23, 6pm. April 24-May 9. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
WHERE: Verge Gallery, City Road, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, University of Sydney
CONTACT: Greg Shapley on 9563-6218 or


Video still by Jai Du

Video still by Jai Du

Reactions and Interactions

Verge gallery is pleased to present this captivating exhibition of edgy new media art direct from Spain.

“…between banks and slavery, between women who aim to be Merkel and primitive men with suits and ties, between the empty rooms of full hotels, among communist train stations of high-speed trains…” – artist, Jai Du

‘Reactions and Interactions’ is an exploration of the process of dislocation. The focus of the exhibition is on the creation of ‘the foreigner’a being forged by unfamiliar surrounds and situations. It concerns reactions against the unfamiliar and interactions with perceived commonalities. It is inevitably voyeuristic, but is as much about being watched (scrutinised, suspected, pigeonholed) as watching. This exhibition, curated by Txema Agiriano, presents work by Pilar Baizán, Jai Du, Mauro Entrialgo, uh513 and Daniel Romero.


Pilar Baizán’s video, “Descubriendo el Barrio” (Discovering the neighbourhood) is a sociological and artistic investigation of the inhabitants of her neighbourhood of San Francisco in Bilbao (Basque Country – Spain). This historically depressed area –home to prostitutes, drug dealers and African and South American immigrants– is slowly being gentrified as artists, designers and members of the gay community move in. We also show her soundart work, “San Francisco, my neighbourhood” made with field recordings, recorded in that area.

Pilar Baizán is artist and musician. From 2004 to 2010 she was known as Baseline, her artistic name as an experimental musician. With this project she has published three records and has played in well known festivals and venues in Europe and USA.

Nowadays her main project is “Arte entre fogones” (Art in the kitchen) a documentary series, where artists show their works and also cook for the show.

In order to contexualize the work of Baizán, in the exhibition we also present a fanzine made in the same neighbourhood “Sanfranzine”.

Also a book “El barrio de San Francisco en Bilbao. Un polo artístico” (The district of San Francisco in Bilbao. An artistic kernel) will also be available to the visitors.


Jai Du started her artistic career as a poet (“Extractos d’Afrique” 2009, “Extractos d’Allemagne” 2011/12  and “Extractos d’UE” 2013/2014) writing about her own experiences in the different countries where she has been living and working. In many cases she has been the voice of people who could not express themselves freely due to the fear of being fired from their jobs.
In 2012, due to the difficulty in the diffusion of poetry books, she started creating video performances inspired by some of her poems and, thanks to these means, she has already been presented and projected in known festivals, galleries and art centres (BilbaoArte – Bilbao, Laboral – Gijón, Centre d’Art Santa Mònica – Barcelona, Artpotheek gallery – Brussels, MEM festival – Bilbao, Bideodromo festival, etc).
As a performer, Jai Du performs in almost all her videos using her body and the pain as her main means of expression. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with the known performers Tania Bruguera and Rocio Boliver participating in international festival such as “Acción!MAD” 2014, “Perfocilinne” 2013 and “El Arte es Acción” 2009.
Nowadays her work is focused on the creation of video performances that directly address political and social issues, such as the European crisis, the migration and questions of cultural integration, gender roles in different work sectors, the current concept of “artist” etc.


Mauro Entrialgo was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country – Spain) in 1965 and is one of the most prestigious cartoonists in Spain. A frequent contributor to many newspapers and magazines since the early 80s, he has published over 50 graphic novels and has written for theater, film and TV. He is the lead guitarist of the rock band “Esteban Light”. In his comic books and strips he explores relationships, friends and life. He has also made a series of videos called “Trocitos de mi vida” (Little moments of my life). We show one of the works in this series, “Desde mis ventanas” (From my windows), which reveals some of the hidden moments in his neighbourhood.

Visitors have also the opportunity to view two of his books:

“Tyrex”: An offbeat tale with wonderful character-driven humor.

“The Pee Family’s Cementery”: The illustrator Mauro Entrialgo always has a sketchbook with him where every idea big or little ends up. As one can imagine he has plenty of them, and they are often are the starting point for his comics and other projects. For the first time one of these sketchbooks has been printed. Its title “The Pee Family’s Cemetery” is a reference to a cemetery that Entrialgo visited in the north of Spain.


Uh513 is María Castellanos (Gijón, Spain 1985) and Alberto Valverde (Madrid, Spain 1967). Both are artists and investigators at the University of Vigo.

“Clorofila 3.0” (Chlorophyll 3.0) investigates electrical impulses issued by plants as they respond to changes in their external environment. A program created specifically for the project captures voltage changes that reflect the state of the plant – its mood – translating them into sound in real time.


Daniel Romero (Avilés, Spain 1978) is an artist and musician. Using his artistic name “.tape.” (dot tape dot) he has edited records in Spain, Japan, USA, France and Germany. He has exhibited his sound installations and audiovisual performances all around the world (México, Austria, UK, Denmark, Germany, France, Japan…).

“Generative Music” is a multimedia installation by Daniel Romero that generates music (ever-different and changing) by analyzing the position in real time of the urban buses of Gijon, Spain. When two of them “meet” at one point, the music changes, and so on.



Time and Place

26 Mar








Architect – student collaboration

24 Mar

A number of well-known architects including Tony Corkill, Philip Cox, Tanya Crothers and Jon Crothers all studied at the University of Sydney in the 1960s. They’re having an art exhibition at Verge Gallery in June from the 11th-27th centred on painting and printmaking and would each love to mentor a student. The theme of the show is open to interpretation and dependent on collaborative agreement between student artists and architects. If you are a student artist interested in exhibiting alongside these luminaries please submit an artist statement and an image link to your recent work to  

Keep in mind that proposal submissions close April 1st and the first meeting between student artists and mentoring architects will take place April, Friday the 11th at 10am. Please make yourself readily available for this date if you are applying.


20 Mar

Verge and the USU are giving away 20 Australian Opera tickets for the upcoming performances of The Magic Flute and Carmen. To grab a ticket (valued at over $100) simply commit to writing a review or critical/creative piece on one of our exhibitions or performances (500 to 2000 words). Your writing will be published on our website. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your work out there!  If you are keen to start writing visit Verge Gallery (Jane Foss Russell Plaza) before Tuesday March 25 to register your interest and discuss your ideas. Tickets will go fast, so please head on down!

‘I Still Call Australia Home’ by Mistery (The Outer Space – Graffiti Series)

17 Mar

Mistery’s work in The Outer Space @ VERGE is a play on the irony of a flag on top of another nations flag.. he anticipates that the work may inspire misunderstanding in some people, hence the title which overtly asserts that Mistery has no beef with Australia the nation, simply the flag.

Mistery has been an avid HipHop head since he got involved in Breaking in the early 1980s. He subsequently started Emceeing & getting into Graffiti. Still 30 years later he is as active as ever continuing to paint, Break & rhyme throughout his home country of Australia & throughout the globe. His music crews Brethren & Apollo Creed are still touring & rocking live shows as well as releasing music with the classic boom bap HipHop sound. His Graff crews FBI, TFC, DCA, BH & KWA are continuing to break new ground with many large scale graffiti murals & he still jams with the Bboys & Bgirls at the Street University in Liverpool, Sydney. Recently he was involved in designing a limited edition, collector can for MTN94 which featured a Bboy style self portrait battling 2 dragons. Mistery is trying to pursue a career in modelling, which hasn’t exactly panned out as yet… still, we just might see him on the catwalks of Milan in the undefined future.

Callout for curators, artists etc. for The Outer Space…

25 Feb





The Outer Space

@ VERGE Gallery, University of Sydney


Verge Gallery is calling for USYD students to submit expressions of interest for visual artworks, installations, graffiti art, digital media, object art, performance or just about anything you can come up with to be exhibited in 2014…. Verge Gallery will provide full curatorial support (if required)

and publicity, with limited materials support.

You have the talent, we have the space…The Outer Space @ VERGE!

To submit an expression of interest or for more information, contact:

Cara – The Outer Space Curator at or

Greg – Verge Gallery Manager on 9563-6218



A Dialogue on Blue – first show for 2014!

8 Jan

WHAT: A Dialogue on Blue
WHO: Eloise Cato, Frankie Chow, Hana Hoogedeure, Kara Jensen-Mackinnon, Leon Loreaux, Candice Miles, Kara Nissen, Luke O’Donnell, Bernadette Trela
Curated by Georgia Pan & Iggy Wilson
WHEN: Opening Thursday January 23, 6pm. Jan 24-Feb 7, 2013. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
WHERE: Verge Gallery, City Road, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, University of Sydney
CONTACT: Greg Shapley, Tel: (02) 9563-6218, Email:

IMAGE: by Candide Kier (2011) — at Venezia.

IMAGE: by Candide Kier (2011) — at Venezia.

In this day and age of ubiquitous visual overstimulation, ‘A Dialogue on Blue’ seeks to explore a single photonic frequency – that attributable to the colour blue. The sky is blue. You can get, and play, ‘the blues’. You can have ‘a blue’ and strike me blue. Scream till you’re blue in the face. Be beaten till you’re black and blue. Brett Whitley’s favourite colour was ultramarine (blue). Australia’s favourite bird (the Superb Fairy-wren) is bright blue. Blue can represent the mind and metaphysical depth.

Deceptively simple in theme, ‘A Dialogue on Blue’ provides a sounding board for artists to create works that are truly from out of the blue.

How do you respond to a single colour?

From Frankie Chow’s ‘lacklustre’ endurance performance piece, exploring consolation, isolation and disconnection as a result of depression, to Hana Hoogedeure’s immersive sculptural installation which, in contrast to the concrete angular gallery space, evokes the seaside, ‘A Dialogue on Blue’ presents creative lateral perspectives on the very colour of understatement.

Join us for this trip into the wild blue yonder.

A Dialogue on Blue opens on Thursday January 23 and continues until Friday 7 February at Verge Gallery.

Callout for all SCA students who were in Degree Shows in 2013

2 Jan

Bending the Truth
Reimagined Works from the SCA Degree Shows

NOTE: This is only for SCA students who participated in Degree Shows in 2013.

All former undergrad and postgrad students who participated in the 2013 Degree shows at SCA are invited to apply to be part of ‘Bending the Truth’: an exhibition that gives you the opportunity to rethink your work in terms of collaboration with other students. This exhibition will be on at Verge Gallery from March 5-14.

For the last year (or so) you’ve been intensely involved in your own work, producing art that’s representative of years of study. Although rewarding and productive, this can sometimes be an isolating experience.

‘Bending the Truth’ is an excellent opportunity for you to rejoin the real world! This show gives you the chance to consider art as a social experience. You’ll get to talk to and influence other artists, and discover ways to change your art to be part of the conversation.

For a chance to be involved please fill out this form by January 31:


RE-PLAY: time machines, art, and paratelic allusions

25 Nov


Curated by Delilah Lyses-sApo & Esther Rolfe

Artists: Joann Anh, Andrea Cronshaw, Alice Joel, Delilah Lyses-sApo, Sarafina Power, Esther Rolfe, Peter Rolfe, Katherine Sorrenson, Cathy Totten, Jo Williams, Candice Witton, Andrew Word Peters.


‘RE-PLAY: time machines, art, and paratelic allusions’ is an exploration of the unfolding of time. Focusing on themes of memory and narrative we seek to go beyond the reclamation of nostalgia, which implies an idealised past. Instead, works involve a playful reexamination of time passing, and explore the notion that the past is coloured by our present mental state, and in this sense is never lost, but always the present.

Possibilities play from an adult point of view, and aesthetic experiences emerge that we feel we were unable to understand at that time.
The focus of this exhibition is to embrace play, fun and enjoyment as viable modes of interacting with our different mediums at hand. We instigate ways of rethinking our current narratives, all the while historicizing processual, playful artworks.

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Verge Awards & OASIS Sculpture Prize, and Earth to Humans

4 Oct

There are two fabulous events coming up at Verge Gallery in the next week:

  • Thursday – October 10, 6pm: The Verge Awards and the inaugural OASIS Sculpture Prize
  • Friday October 11, 7.30pm Earth to Humans: (experimental rock meets visual feast).

Verge Awards – Visual Art, Music and Literature, and the OASIS Sculpture Prize

Thursday October 10, 6pm

The 2013 Verge Awards celebrates the artistic diversity and distinction of University of Sydney students with an opening gala on Thursday October 10 at 6pm.

This year’s visual arts judges include the University of Sydney Senior Curator, Ann Stephen, and renowned photographer, Jacky Redgate. Peers and patrons too will have their opportunity not only to view semi-finalists but to participate in judging for the people’s choice award online (see

Join the University of Sydney Union in celebrating creativity on campus. The evening will showcase the enormous artistic, musical and literary talent of our members, and feature live jazz, readings and ample libations (…and of course art from over fifty of our finest).

Also on show will be work from the finalists of the inaugural OASIS Sculpture Prize. The winner of this prize will get to display their full sized sculpture in Jane Foss Russell Plaza for the duration of 2014.

Earth to Humans

Friday October 11, 7.30pm

Live, interactive multi-video projections will interweave with an unforgiving barrage of experimental rock.

Featuring Visualz RedCellDisorder, Audio AXIS and special guests (entry by donation).


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