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Verge Gallery’s BIG DAY IN…

13 Nov

Thursday November 24, 1-9pm

Before we hit silly season Verge is asking for your undivided attention one last time. On November 24, Verge will host a number of events. From a lunchtime screening of the best of the worst short films ever made, to our first ever performance night, ‘On the Verge’, we are insisting that you exploit our hospitality before heading off on your endless summer break. Consider this day a test run for events to come in 2012 – a sampler if you like…

1-2pm Film Ephemerata
The first world has produced a lot of crap. Film Ephemerata showcases the best of the most forgettable; jaw-dropping propaganda, promotional and paranoid film that someone (for reasons unknown) has rescued from the dustbin of history. Come share our rubbish. FREE!

2-4pm Verge World Takeover Planning Session
In case you couldn’t tell from the title, we’re planning to take over the world in 2012, and we need your help. If you’re interested in showing or performing at Verge next year (and you’re a Sydney Uni student) then come and talk to us. In all seriousness, we will begin to plan out ‘Wildcard’ slots for next year and coming along will put you at a distinct advantage.

4-6pm Zine (DIY magazines) Workshop
If you’re interested in writing, publishing, illustration, or DIY in general this is not to be missed! Zine Tsar extraordinaire, Vanessa Berry will be guiding participants through the creative and conceptual processes of zine making.  There are a limited number of places so sign up NOW! (FREE to University of Sydney Union Access members, $5 for non-members).

6-7pm Launch of Sound Plaza with Colin Black’s Soundprints: Sealed in Sweden
Internationally acclaimed composer/sound artist Colin Black (and winner of the won the prestigious Prix Italia Award in 2003) presents his extended radiophonic work. Soundprints: Sealed in Sweden, is the inaugural work for our outdoor Sound Plaza – an outdoor area that will ooze with sublime sonics.

7-9pm On the Verge performance night
The very first of an ongoing series of performances, On the Verge, will feature performance and sound art that will have you at the edge of your seat in a potent mix of agony, excitement and anticipation. FREE!


Salon Reworked: Reprinting, Retuning and Recycling

7 Oct

Verge Gallery’s Annual Salon

From the 14th to 25th November, 2011

Opening Night: 6pm Thursday 17th November, 2011 (Refreshments provided)

This November, Verge Gallery is throwing open its doors to all students and ex-students of the University of Sydney to submit unique and collectable wares made in the last 12 months that haven’t been exhibited before for the annual Salon exhibition. We want works that have been reworked, retuned, revamped, reused, and made of recycled materials. The best part about Salon is that it is just in time for the festive season and a great opportunity to sell works to people who are looking for unique gifts. To keep it affordable we have a maximum sale price of $200.

This is your chance to not only have your works exhibited, but also possibly pocket some extra cash for the holidays. Best of all, there’s no entry fee! We welcome all students and Alumni of the University of Sydney to submit an online application below.

Because of space limitations, works should be kept to a maximum of ONE CUBIC METRE.

All works included in the Salon Reworked exhibition will be selected from online submissions and the final decision for inclusion is at the discretion of the curators. Please complete the online application form by the 26th October, 2011.


Successful applicants will be contacted on the 27th and 28th of October and details given as to the delivery, sale and handling of the works whilst in the care of the Verge Gallery.

There will be a commission charged by Verge Gallery for each work sold. The commission for each work will be 10% for Access Members and 30% for Non Access Members.

If you have any more questions, please contact the Gallery Director, Greg Shapley at or on 9563 6218.

Bart, Ed and Kim

Curators, Salon 2011

Please complete the form below to enter:

Successful applicants are asked to deliver works to:

Verge Gallery, Jane Foss Russell Plaza
On Monday 31st October and Wednesday 2nd November between 10am and 5pm

Works are to be collected by Monday 29th or Thuesday 30th November or their safety cannot be guaranteed due to an incoming exhibition. As a rule, all works should be for sale (unless otherwise prearranged with the gallery). We will take the greatest care with all works but cannot guarantee their safety. Neither Verge Gallery or the University of Sydney Union accept any responsibility for damaged or stolen works.



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