Bending the Truth 2014: Reimagined Works from the SCA Degree Shows

3 Mar

WHAT: Bending the Truth 2014: Reimagined Works from the SCA Degree Shows
WHO: Anita Maritz,Ben Lang, Caterina Elisabetta Pilato, Chris Logemann, Dorit Goldman, Eila Douglass, Emily Sandrussi, Isobel Markus–Dunworth, Jo Williams, Julian Day, Lea Kannar, Lee Puyat, Logan Thompson, Mike Poulter, Rafael De Lima, Rose Vickers, Sophie Hutchinson, Suzannah Babicci, Suzy Faiz, Tianli Zu, William R. Bullock
WHEN: Opening Wednesday March 5, 6pm. March 6-14. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
WHERE: Verge Gallery, City Road, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, University of Sydney
CONTACT: Greg Shapley on 9563-6218 or

Bending the Truth 2014: Reimagined Works from the SCA Degree Shows

‘Bending the Truth’ plays with the fluidic and plastic nature of art (is not an artful truth always bent?). Graduating students from SCA have been asked to rethink their works, originally created in solitude, in terms of collaboration with other artists. This exhibition presents a conversation – a social experience in place of a series of individual, pieces.

Callout for curators, artists etc. for The Outer Space…

25 Feb





The Outer Space

@ VERGE Gallery, University of Sydney


Verge Gallery is calling for USYD students to submit expressions of interest for visual artworks, installations, graffiti art, digital media, object art, performance or just about anything you can come up with to be exhibited in 2014…. Verge Gallery will provide full curatorial support (if required)

and publicity, with limited materials support.

You have the talent, we have the space…The Outer Space @ VERGE!

To submit an expression of interest or for more information, contact:

Cara – The Outer Space Curator at or

Greg – Verge Gallery Manager on 9563-6218



Confession: The silent voice

5 Feb

WHAT: Confession: The silent voice
WHO: Verena Heirich, Zsuzsanna Ihar, Jacqueline Olivetti, Janis Stewart
WHEN: A beginning… Wednesday February 12, 6pm.  Continuing Feb 13-20 (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm)
[Please note, openings at Verge are now generally on WEDNESDAYS]
Performance on Saturday February 15, 2-3pm
WHERE: Verge Gallery, City Road, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, University of Sydney
CONTACT: Greg Shapley on 9563-6218 or

Confession: The silent voice

Four extraordinary women combine to weave performative tales of solemnity and playfulness. Using illustration, needlework, video and performance, they explore the fragility and ephemerality that emanates from unspoken spaces.

Please join us on Wednesday February 12, 6pm.

A Dialogue on Blue – first show for 2014!

8 Jan

WHAT: A Dialogue on Blue
WHO: Eloise Cato, Frankie Chow, Hana Hoogedeure, Kara Jensen-Mackinnon, Leon Loreaux, Candice Miles, Kara Nissen, Luke O’Donnell, Bernadette Trela
Curated by Georgia Pan & Iggy Wilson
WHEN: Opening Thursday January 23, 6pm. Jan 24-Feb 7, 2013. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
WHERE: Verge Gallery, City Road, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, University of Sydney
CONTACT: Greg Shapley, Tel: (02) 9563-6218, Email:

IMAGE: by Candide Kier (2011) — at Venezia.

IMAGE: by Candide Kier (2011) — at Venezia.

In this day and age of ubiquitous visual overstimulation, ‘A Dialogue on Blue’ seeks to explore a single photonic frequency – that attributable to the colour blue. The sky is blue. You can get, and play, ‘the blues’. You can have ‘a blue’ and strike me blue. Scream till you’re blue in the face. Be beaten till you’re black and blue. Brett Whitley’s favourite colour was ultramarine (blue). Australia’s favourite bird (the Superb Fairy-wren) is bright blue. Blue can represent the mind and metaphysical depth.

Deceptively simple in theme, ‘A Dialogue on Blue’ provides a sounding board for artists to create works that are truly from out of the blue.

How do you respond to a single colour?

From Frankie Chow’s ‘lacklustre’ endurance performance piece, exploring consolation, isolation and disconnection as a result of depression, to Hana Hoogedeure’s immersive sculptural installation which, in contrast to the concrete angular gallery space, evokes the seaside, ‘A Dialogue on Blue’ presents creative lateral perspectives on the very colour of understatement.

Join us for this trip into the wild blue yonder.

A Dialogue on Blue opens on Thursday January 23 and continues until Friday 7 February at Verge Gallery.

Callout for all SCA students who were in Degree Shows in 2013

2 Jan

Bending the Truth
Reimagined Works from the SCA Degree Shows

NOTE: This is only for SCA students who participated in Degree Shows in 2013.

All former undergrad and postgrad students who participated in the 2013 Degree shows at SCA are invited to apply to be part of ‘Bending the Truth’: an exhibition that gives you the opportunity to rethink your work in terms of collaboration with other students. This exhibition will be on at Verge Gallery from March 5-14.

For the last year (or so) you’ve been intensely involved in your own work, producing art that’s representative of years of study. Although rewarding and productive, this can sometimes be an isolating experience.

‘Bending the Truth’ is an excellent opportunity for you to rejoin the real world! This show gives you the chance to consider art as a social experience. You’ll get to talk to and influence other artists, and discover ways to change your art to be part of the conversation.

For a chance to be involved please fill out this form by January 31:


RE-PLAY: time machines, art, and paratelic allusions

25 Nov


Curated by Delilah Lyses-sApo & Esther Rolfe

Artists: Joann Anh, Andrea Cronshaw, Alice Joel, Delilah Lyses-sApo, Sarafina Power, Esther Rolfe, Peter Rolfe, Katherine Sorrenson, Cathy Totten, Jo Williams, Candice Witton, Andrew Word Peters.


‘RE-PLAY: time machines, art, and paratelic allusions’ is an exploration of the unfolding of time. Focusing on themes of memory and narrative we seek to go beyond the reclamation of nostalgia, which implies an idealised past. Instead, works involve a playful reexamination of time passing, and explore the notion that the past is coloured by our present mental state, and in this sense is never lost, but always the present.

Possibilities play from an adult point of view, and aesthetic experiences emerge that we feel we were unable to understand at that time.
The focus of this exhibition is to embrace play, fun and enjoyment as viable modes of interacting with our different mediums at hand. We instigate ways of rethinking our current narratives, all the while historicizing processual, playful artworks.

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Speed Show Festival 2013

17 Oct

WEEK 1: ‘Fragility’ – Eliza Ackland, Amoeba, Nicola Coady,  Cecilia Castro, Ania Gareeva, Ben Hubbard, Sarah Humphery, Sarah Humphrey, Gabrielle Ferguson, Allana McAfee, Tashi Nicholas, Randall Taylor, Andrus Veronica
WEEK 2: ‘Cacophony’ – Almuth Baer, Liam Crowley, Lena Fe, Sam Foster, Nick Maurer, Luke O’Connor, Luke O’Donnell and Hana Hoogedeure (Rad Race), Brenton Alexander Smith, Aaron Zanbaka
WEEK 3: Alice Adamson, Sebastian Conti, Nina Holden, Yoshimi Murakami, Josh Lizzy Peniazeva, Roseberg, Sam Winters, Yelyah
WEEK 4: Pamela Branas, Micheal Graham, Sophie Hague, Sharon Kitching, Lena Obergfell, Cathy Weiszmann

WHEN: Openings on  Thursday October 24, 31, November 7, 14, all 6pm. Oct 25-Nov 21. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

'A Gift' by Sarah Humphrey

‘A Gift’ by Sarah Humphrey

On your marks… Get set… GO! Beginning October 24, about 30 local artists will exhibit works, including sculpture, video, installation, performance and sound, creating an incessant conversation between themselves and the public over the course of the four week festival.  Each week will spew forth a new bunch of artists and works, with bump in and bump out negotiated between groups during opening hours. The public will get to see (and perhaps participate in) processes that are normally kept behind closed doors. Works will be recontextualised – seen in a new light as the gallery changes around them.

The first week will open with the theme ‘Fragility’ that includes glass and ceramic work that teeters on breaking point (watch where you step – all breakages have to be paid for!). This will be followed by a second great week focussing on sound including work by artist Brenton Alexander Smith. ‘The King Breaks Up with Himself’ depicts Elvis singing a duet with… Elvis, and is comprised of degrading harmonies that eventually turn into sound and fury signifying nothing.

‘Chromaticism’ will run during the third week, being an exhibition about the colour of the human condition – sexual, fantastic, surreal and kaleidoscopic experiences that combine to make life exuberant, fragile and ultimately worth living. Artist Yoshimi Murakami will contribute her work ‘Wankception’, a performance piece exploring self-possession, empowerment and the vulnerability of the naked form through self-pleasuring.

The final week is titled ‘Permanent Part Time’. A variety of media is assembled by artists who have other “real” jobs in Sydney Uni. They may not make a living from art, but they do make a living, and they do make art.

Be a part of this year’s Speed Show and experience the refreshingly spontaneous and fluid festivities for yourself!  The first opening will be on Thursday, October 24th at 6pm, followed by openings on the 31st, November 7th, and 14th.


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