Opening 29 Jan 2015

JAN 29-FEB 21
Opening 6-8pm January 29
Artist Talks 1-3pm February 21

Ciaran Begley, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Adrian De Giorgio
FORM AND FOLD is an exhibition of abstract structures and drawings that centres on the idea of the book.  The paper works in the exhibition relate directly to books in form and scale, yet this is a formal investigation of the book that in place of text or narrative imagery, presents a series of geometrically driven propositions.








Wendy Abel Campbell, Dell Walker, Tanya Richards
Three diverse artists come together with a shared interest in ‘Play’ as a place of potentiality, a way of living creatively and, as a way of being. The proposed exhibition will playfully address the nature of the ‘ludic’ in the art making process. The three artists are PhD candidates at Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney).

Verge Gallery January 2015 Ludic Loops and Form and Fold