John Edwards Trio (7:30pm) The John Edwards Trio consists of Blain Cunneen (guitar), Sean Valenzuela (piano/keyboard) and Alex Inman-Hislop (drum kit). “Through a mutual affinity of improvised music, the musical forces of Blain Cunneen (guitar), Sean Valenzuela (piano/keyboard) and Alex Inman-Hislop (drum kit/percussion) coalesced in early 2013 to form what is now known as the John Edwards trio. Their intense chemistry takes them to frantic and somewhat introspective places; be it through their original compositions or alternative approaches to traditional jazz repertoire.” Launch of the Plywood Pavilion (6:30pm) Verge Gallery is proud to announce the launch of the winner of the OASIS Sculpture Prize: ‘Plywood Pavilion’ by Mitchel Ovens and Julian Dolk. The sculpture is a small pavilion made of ply, challenging the conventional behaviours of the material. With perforated plywood strips, the sculpture experiments with a diamond lattice pattern to create a curvaceous and beautiful form. The Pavilion is an oasis of delicacy and intimacy in the context of the bare, concrete forecourt of Jane Foss Russell Plaza. It encourages the passer by to stop, pause, reflect and walk through the space, bringing a sense of interaction as well as intrigue.   


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