Representations of Matter in Real and Reciprocal Space: Images and Objects from Crystallography
AUGUST 15 – 22,  2014

The School of Chemistry & The School of Architecture
University of Sydney The Society of Crystallographers of Australia
New Zealand (SCANZ) The Australian Academy of Science, Canberra
For the 2014 International Year of Crystallography

In this International Year of Crystallography (IYCr) 2014 the School of Chemistry and the School of Architecture, University of Sydney present an exhibition of images and models related to crystals and the different ways scientists see and use them. While these images are functional, in that they are used as tools for working with crystals, they are also often compelling aesthetically. This exhibit highlights the beauty of crystallographic images while explaining more complex and fascinating subjects such as modulated structures, quasi crystals, short-range order (diffuse scattering) and magnetic structures. Through these images from x-ray, neutron and electron diffraction as well as computer-generated ones, we show how the dialectic relationship between object and image in art applies to the link between a diffraction pattern and the atomic arrangements that produce it.