Dexter Fletcher Gallery Takeover :: For the Second Circulation exhibition, April 11, 2015.

Gallery takeover by zine makers Dexter Fletcher as a part of the exhibition Second Circulation

Including ::

+ Miniature zine fair with Sticky Institute (Melbourne), Take Care zine distro (Sydney), Hello, Hallo zine distro (Melbourne) and Dexter Fletcher (Sydney).
+ You zine-making marathon. You is a free, weekly, anonymous, paper zine that has been made in Melbourne every week since November 2001. Come along to the You marathon to help produce an issue of the zine that will be released upon the world the following week.
+ Live performance by Plastic Knife, enigmatic Melbourne-based zine maker.
+ Live performance by Bad Choir, an impromptu, a cappella choir open to all participants on the day. Coordinated by Dot Kett, Melbourne zine maker.
+ Live performance by The Newport Dolls, zine supergroup, including guest vocalists.
+ Disconference: informal discussions on zine-making and zine practices, open to audience participation. Facilitated by Dexter Fletcher, Paul Byron and Jessie Lymn. Discussion topics will include: zines and fandom, zines collections/archives and zine-making practices.