The Wandering Mind: Creativity and Lifelong Learning :: Events in May, June, July, August 2015.

Creativity is intrinsic to lifelong learning and discovery, in the arts and beyond. The more practitioners from across fields have the opportunity to share their approaches to learning and creative problem solving, the more innovative our society can be. Each 1 – 1.5h moderated panel will feature three speakers, and include audience questions.

Curated by Chloé Wolifson

Chloé Wolifson is a Sydney-based independent arts writer and curator with an emerging practice across artist-run, commercial and public domains. She is regularly commissioned as an arts writer for publications including Art Monthly, Vault, RAVEN, Art Collector and ArtsHub. Chloé currently sits on the board of Runway Australian Experimental Art Journal.

May 27, 2015
The structure of creative practice.
Do creative juices flow better when one has the unbounded freedom to dream, discover and create? Or does creative investigation need the direction and focus provided by deadlines, faculty structures, grant categories and residency outcomes? Creative practitioners across disciplines will share what they have learned about what works best for them.

Garry Trinh, artist –
Emily Hunt, artist –
Kate Britton, writer, producer & curator –

June 27, 2015
The Elevator Pitch: Communicating the value of creativity.
Cuts to arts funding in the recent Federal Budget, and the debates that ensued, highlight the necessity of continuing to communicate the value of creativity & the arts to the broader community. How do we work towards making the arts sector less vulnerable to attacks, and stronger in the face of them? While anti-Brandis rants can be cathartic, it’s important to share strategies of broader continuing relevance so that we can move beyond times of crisis, survive and thrive.

Gina Fairley, writer and curator – 
Ian Milliss, artist –

July 25, 2015
You and me, pros and cons.
The idea of the tortured genius working in solitude is a romantic notion, but in this interconnected world, it is a near impossibility. Practitioners across fields have long been working together in formal and informal ways, sharing know-how and developing ideas. Two groups/pairs of collaborators, at different stages of their working relationships, will reveal the pros and cons of sharing the creative process.

OK YEAH COOL GREAT (Kate Beckingham & Anna McMahon), Artists –
Chris Dolman and Paul Williams , Artists –

August 29, 2015
Saving the world: kids & the power of creativity.
Today’s kids have a monumental task ahead of them. Creativity needs to be seen by as a core skill in order for children to be properly equipped to face the challenges of the 21st Century. However in a world where success is often measured by the bottom line, creativity can find itself in the firing line – the Review of the Australian Curriculum being a case in point. Creative practitioners and school educators will discuss the role of creativity in overall learning.

Hannah Chapman – curator, Concordia Gallery, Newington College
Robyn Ewing – Professor, Teacher Education & the Arts, USyd –
Michelle Leonard – Moorambilla Voices Founder, Artistic Director and Moorambilla Festival Director.