Feminist September Public Programs :: Three events during the exhibition, September, 2015.

During September at Verge Gallery exhibited three shows that touch on issues of gender, identity, equality, unpaid labour, feminism, protest and activism. These exhibitions were accompanied by a huge public program including panel discussions, social gatherings and live music events.

September 12, 2015
XenoFeminism, CyberFeminism and EcoFeminism.
What is xenofeminism and how does it relate to cyberfeminism and other feminisms found in speculative materialist and speculative realist philosophy and contemporary issues of creative work and labour? Come along and join the discussion with xenofeminist Amy Ireland, cyber feminist Virginia Barrett and speculative materialism/speculative realist environmental feminist Pure Gibson, with exhibiting artist Jacquelene Drinkall.

September 19, 2015
Female Trailblazers: a social networking event.
We speak a lot of access and barriers in the arts sector, but how much of this is gender based? Female trailblazers is an intergenerational and gender fluid informal afternoon tea aimed at involving women and men of all experience and age to celebrate women making headway in the arts sector. The aim is to create a networking environment for those experienced in the arts to mix with those less experienced or not experienced at all, with a focus on gender based progression and the hurdles that are often faced. Come with a willingness to listen, learn and be inspired. The afternoon tea will be a bring-a-plate event followed by introductions and a relaxed tea and cake atmosphere for those to share their stories, successes, failures and worldly advice on working in the art industry.

Open to anyone; whether you’re and artist, curator, art educator, enthusiast or simply want to come for cake and good conversation.

26 September, 2015
Feminist Fronts: Art Crit/ panel discussion led by Aggregate.
Please join us on September 26 for the panel event and art crit to discuss address diverse feminisms in theory and practice within the arts in Australia. Unpicking hierarchy and privilege and exploring the significance of diverse perspectives within feminist arts practice today. Following this, we invite you to an open discussion and crit session in relation to the three September exhibitions. There will be refreshments and the chance to chat with artists and curators.Three exhibitions in the September program to form the basis of the Art Crit include:Feminist Ecologies, An exhibition curated by Chloé Hazelwood addressing themes of unpaid labour, domesticity, queerness and cultural hybridity with works by Kelly Doley, Sandra Hill, Del Lumanta and TextaQueenVisual telepathy. Jacqueline Drinkall explores speculative xenofeminist and cyberfeminist perspectives on immaterial labour, affective labour, hypnosis and the visual telepathy of technologically.