November 19 – December 12, 2015

Roomsheet :: HERE

If you come to Australia: Live Performance Fundraiser, November 27 2015
+ Panel discussion: Art as Action, November 2 2015
+ Artist afternoon tea social and Refugee Art Project Zine Launch, December 8 2015

Artists: Alex Seton, Amy Spiers, Friends With Deficits, Katie Green and collaborators, artists from The Refugee Art Project, Thiru, Matt Huynh,  Nam Le and SBS, Tim Gregory, Safdar Ahmed and Zanny Begg with contributions from Zeina Iaali and Bossley Park High Students, Mansoora Gulzari, Parastoo Bahrami, Neda Bahrami, Farnaz Yegan, Kamaleshwaran Selladurai, Mohammad, Bashir, Madina, Daminda and Tabarak (some names have been changed to protect the security of participants).

Curated by Siân McIntyre.

Alex Seton is represented by Sullivan and Strumpf Gallery, Friends With Deficits have been supported by Underbelly Arts 2015.

REFUGE comments on the basic human need for safety and security, free from the threat of violence and persecution. Bringing together artists from a range of backgrounds, Refuge aims to broaden the dialogue around current Australian policy with works by refugee artists, non refugee artists and collaborative works between refugee and non refugee artists. Here, dialogue isn’t limited to one sector of society, but is the responsibility of all to actively engage in conversation and action. Accompanying this diverse range of voices and conversations is the opportunity to learn, hear and act via live performance, panel discussions and social mixers. Through these events Refuge will create an active platform of consciousness, a safe space for inquiry, learning and collaboration at Verge Gallery.

Friends With Deficits work was developed for and supported by Underbelly Arts 2015. Alex Seton is represented by Sullivan and Strumpf Gallery.