Aggregate Art Crits :: Events held throughout 2015 in response to exhibition program.

Aggregate Art Crits for Verge is a facilitated discussion session offering the opportunity to engage meaningfully with the dynamic learning environment of the exhibition. Aggregate is creative research platform and in this series at Verge Gallery we adopt the art crit model in order to open up the traditional artist talk to an open forum of critical engagement and learning through the works on display. The crit, traditionally an opportunity for studying artists to present their work and obtain feedback from peers prior to exhibition, helps create a shared space for learning and critical dialogue. For each exhibition, Aggregate collaborates with the artists and session participants to create and hone skills in accessible talk about the works, their concepts and the art of display. Whether you know something, or nothing at all, this is the place to get into a little art criticism in a relaxed space!

Coordinated by Alexandra Pedley and Geraldine Kelly.