WOMEN IN THE ARTS IRL :: Three events scheduled throughout 2016.

‘Women in the Arts’ is an ongoing dialogue addressing endemic issues of gender inequality and exclusionary practices in the arts landscape. The online jobs board (instigated through Facebook) was the inaugural response to a need for accessible communication surrounding women in professional practice. The Facebook group has connected women with opportunities in contract, gallery and government arts roles. Though the group began as a jobs board, it has demonstrated how women in the arts benefit from collaboration and solution-based discussion.

Throughout 2016, Women in the Arts will bring the conversation to Verge Gallery, inviting an exchange of ideas and professional experiences through a series of events. Focusing on mentorship, regional engagement, diversity and accessibility, the event series will work with the strength in formal and informal arenas, replicating the fruitful relationships formed through the online platform.

Coordinated by Katie Winten and Isabelle Hore-Thorburn.

February 20, 2016
Women in the Arts #1: Panel Discussion and Social

Five women at different stages of their careers will be answering your questions about how they achieve great things in the arts, what tools have helped them, how they manage imposter syndrome, and the importance of collaboration and mentorship.
After you’ve picked their brains, get to know these fab broads and so many more for a few quick rounds of creep-free speed dating/networking.
Bring your mates. Tell your mum. Come for the chats & stay for the cheese!

Laura Bannister, Editor in Chief of Museum Magazine
Clare Holland, Managing Director of FBi Radio
Dr. Natalya Hughes, Artist, Director of Photography & Situated Media, UTS
Tahjee Moar, Artist and Independent Curator
Jess Scully, Director of Vivid Ideas, curator of TEDxSydney and Junket, and instigator of Kids Hack Day Sydney

June 18, 2016
Vivid Sydney Indigenous Women in the Arts: Panel Discussion and Social

Women in the Arts invites you to an afternoon of conversation and collaboration with a panel of extraordinarily talented Indigenous women working in the creative industries.
Dancemaker Amrita Hepi (Hollaback) will be talking with innovators in the arts about their experiences as Aboriginal women, focusing on practical methods for institutions and individuals to act as allies of Indigenous women in the creative industries.
The speakers will be engaging critically with issues relating to race and gender in the arts, in this solutions based forum, grounded in a lived experience of the structural inequalities of the arts.
This is a unique opportunity to listen to some of the most exciting artists and curators in Australia, explore practical actions to promote diversity and accessibility, in the creative industries.
The event is open to anyone interested in being an ally to Indigenous women, who are consistently underrepresented in galleries and institutions in Australia. It is also a unique opportunity to see some of Sydney’s most inspiring women come together to talk and make change.

Amala Groom, artist
Nicole Monks, artist
Taree Sansbury, artist and dancer
Talia Smith, artist and curator
Angela Tiatia, artist

September 14, 2016
Women in the Arts #3 Feminist Identities and Contemporary Art: Panel Discussion and Social

Women in the Arts invites you to the third of their 2016 event series at Verge Gallery. ‘Feminist Identities and Contemporary Art’ is an afternoon of conversation and critique with Sydney artists and curators working within feminist discourse and identity politics.
In the era of commodified feminism, Women in the Arts brings you a free afternoon of rich critical debate. Writer Kelly Azizi will be talking with feminist-identifying panelists about their feminism and how this informs the way they navigate the art world and negotiate their own practice.
This will be an occasion for meaningful critical engagement with feminism specific to Sydney, as well as a unique opportunity to draw on the strength and particular experiences of different kinds of feminist movements, generations, and communities.

Emmeline Peterson (The Ladies Network)
Kelly Azizi (moderator)
Okapi Neon
Samia Sayed