Elsewhere Arts :: Two pop-up Reading Room exhibitions and two discussions during 2016.

Elsewhere Arts is an experimental pedagogical project that provides art education to marginalised groups in Australian society who do not have access to mainstream art education. It seeks to redress inequities in access to art education by offering an alternative platform for cultural production which runs autonomously, separate from any major institution, school or university. This autonomy affords Elsewhere Arts flexibility to design programs and projects around the specific needs, abilities, and socio-political circumstances of the community being addressed.

Elsewhere Arts is facilitated by a group of recent Fine Arts, English, and Teaching graduates. Though they all acknowledge the influence of their background in institutional education, they see it more as a departure point for exploration into modes of learning and teaching art than as a framework.

In 2016, Elsewhere Arts will continue working with students at Key College in Redfern, a high school for homeless youths and youths without stable accommodation. In conjunction with Verge Gallery’s events program, students from Key College will showcase their work in the Zine Library at the close of Term 1 in April. This will be accompanied by a series of dynamic public programs that will include both artist talks and organised discussions around alternative models of art education, community based art initiatives and issues of access within art-world institutions.

Coordinated by Miranda Samuels.