2016 Collective Club are presented a series of artist talks/ art crits with SCA students, exhibting artists and members of the public discussing key or abstract themes, concepts and critiques of current exhibitions in the first half of 2016.

About Collective Club:
Collective Club aims to establish opportunities for Postgraduates to meet up and share ideas, information and interests. This largely informal group looks at fostering a community of exchange, critical discussion and support at the Sydney College of the Arts. This year Collective Club will extend this exchange but still rely on its existing informal collegiate and critical approach, by organising a series of discussions responding to one or more aspects of the exhibition program at Verge Gallery. The format used will be to set the context in a brief introduction by the organiser for the day, followed by artists from the exhibition presenting on a specific element in their work for this exhibition. After that a group discussion will allow others to respond, to create a new thread or to discuss connections between the artist’s work.

Co-ordinated by Fiona Davis and Stephen Burstow

Verge Gallery continues to host Monthly Art Crits led by Verge employees, guest speakers or exhibiting artists. They are held in the end of each show and are open to public. Group discussions cover themes, inspirations and techniques behind the artworks and explore how the political and social climate relates to the visual arts community.