Join Collective Club members (led by Fiona Davies) in an open discussion in and around the artworks and creative practices of artists currently exhibiting at Verge Gallery. Artists Laura Moore, Sach Catts, Francesca Hainz and Ben Terakes will be in the gallery unpacking their concepts and practice and engaging in discussion with visitors and guests.


Gallery 1 :: Laura Moore :: Likeness

Likeness combines the traditional realms of studio portraiture and wet darkroom printing with modern smartphone camera technology. This collision of photographic histories and technologies strives to capture both the adolescent subjects and the medium of photography during a shared period of evolution.

This work examines the nature of photography itself and experiments with the capacity of the photographic portrait to represent complex meanings about identity and human relationships.

Gallery 2 :: Sach Catts, Francesca Heinz, Eloise Kirk, Mark Shorter, Ben Terakes :: Awkward Objects

Awkward objects offers five diverse practices presented through sculpture, multi-media installation and performance. Artists Sach Catts, Francesca Heinz, Eloise Kirk, Mark Shorter and Ben Terakes all employ sculpture as both an object and a verb. Each artist produces a dialectical space to ignite a theatrical interaction between the artwork and the viewer. The experience of these artists work is visceral and pre-verbal; objects are made to be viewed and experienced with and by the body.

This group of artists believe that artworks hold performative potential either in their materiality or employment as performance props. Humor, antagonism and danger pose possible threats. The viewer is implicated, willingly or otherwise, in the play of relationships and actions the work sets out. Each artist’s work eschews evangelism and yet exercises ambivalence toward concrete outcomes. Amongst these practices performance (present or implied) offers an experimental and indeterminate zone wherein ideas are worked out as one goes.