THIS IS NOT A SOLO SHOW PANEL DISCUSSION :: In Your Shadow: Unpacking power dynamics in creative partnerships

Saturday July 16, 2pm-3pm
Free // All welcome

Elvis Richardson’s telling work Art Problems 2015, reflects the the anxieties and stresses so familiar to practicing artists, issues easily augmented when they are bound by a professional or domestic partnership. There are many benefits to having a creative or personal relationship with an artist partner, not least the comfort that comes from having someone who unquestionably gets what you do.

This Is Not A Solo Show artists Michelle Cawthorn and Peter Sharp will be joined by Brenda Tye, Kylie Banyard and Leo Coyte to explore the power plays, compromises, arguments and joys of working collaboratively, independently or in supportive roles with a close creative partner.

OK YEAH COOL GREAT PANEL DISCUSSION :: Auf Wiedersehen: One day you’re in and the next you are out

Saturday July 30, 1pm-3pm
Free // All welcome

Sitting alongside their exhibition The Delivery OK YEAH COOL GREAT (Kate Beckingham and Anna McMahon) will moderate a panel discussion titled Auf Wiedersehen: One day you’re in and the next you are out.

The panel will be an informal yet frank discussion around the themes of success and failure, the competition that exists between emerging artists and how such conditions can impact the perceived and lived value and criticality of creative output. Using the lens of creative reality television competitions such as Masterchef, Work of Art and Project Runway, OK YEAH COOL GREAT will ask participants to consider the rhetoric around such competitions and how this relates to the lived experience of being an artist. The participants will talk from personal experience on how they determine which grants to apply for, how they determine what applications they consider to be worthwhile and how they deal with maintaining their creative practice as well as second (and third and forth) jobs.

As The Delivery also directly deals with the ideas presented by Jan Verwoert in his talk titled ‘Artists, what is your value?’, OK YEAH COOL GREAT will ask the participants to talk about their experiences of providing for Sydney’s creative ecosystem whilst also struggling to afford to live in the city itself.

This panel will be especially relevant because of recent policy changes and budget cuts to the arts and arts funding.


OK YEAH COOL GREAT (Kate Beckingham and Anna McMahon)



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