REVIEW :: Fern Zine

Fern Zine
by Vanessa Berry

Once I read the title, I imagined scenes from the Jurassic Park movie or pages from my Mesozoic Era encyclopaedia. Ferns are everywhere, just like this zine. It is printed in black and white, covered with fern images, and written personally by the author. This zine is a quick summary about her experience and interest in ferns. She splits her zine into some exciting parts – one of the most thrilling sections is Pteridomania where she introduces a story about the fern-crazed Victorian Era.

She begins by telling her story which starts with love at first sight to letting you know of her ferns collections. She writes about the anatomy of the ferns as well as general information about taking care of ferns. She shares her knowledge and experience of ‘petting’ her veggies pets.

Its not just about ferns, this zine implies the pleasure of doing a hobby. In Foucauldian terms, pleasure is productive. Having a pleasure in gardening and interest in ferns – as she does – generates creativity just like writing and publishing this zine. Reading Fern Zine is like reading biology and gardening book with a little touch of lifestyle and the history of the ferns.

Review by Mayarani Islami

Vanessa Berry’s zines can be accessed HERE