REVIEW :: speak-easy #10 the city of sydney as mapped out

speak-easy #10
The City of Sydney as mapped out by
Edited by Lee Tran Lam

This beautifully hand crafted book maps out the streets of Sydney in the most candid way. It starts off with the writer’s personal experience such as the ups and downs of being a Sydneysider and what the local postcode can capture in this city.  Featuring personal interviews along with snapshots of the landscape and street art (they are either paper clipped or embroidered with tapes and stickers in the cutest way). She also introduces why she thinks there are more possibilities and ‘cool things’ can happen around here too. It reminds me of one of those scrapbooks where we keep our memories, and record bits and pieces of all things that matter in our life, mapping our journey.

Review by Minji Kim

Lee Tran Lam’s zines can be accessed HERE