Double Vision #2
Saturday May 21, 1-4pm
Gary Warner

Double Vision is a series of free-form gigs showcasing the practice of D-I-Y, experimental, sound artists and ‘other’ musicians. The program seeks to a create platform that encourages collaboration between artists and musicians – and their communities, providing the opportunity to re-frame and re-calibrate creative vision through a cross disciplinary approach.

Co-ordinated by Del Lumanta.

Double Vision archive

Perfume (Melb)

Perfume is the Melbourne-based noise duo of Lisa Lerkenfeldt and Grace Anderson. Working with the electronics and bass Perfume engage the body and critique consumer society through atmospheric noise, industrial dance improvisations and damaged lyricism.

Gary Warner

Gary Warner’s ‘an aleatoric ensemble’ comprises small modified turntables, and trays, boxes and tins containing balls, quandong seeds, marbles, discs and other small objects to create complex soundscapes. Set in motion, the constructions turn, objects move, balls roll, surfaces are struck, generating a strangely captivating, repetitive but always slightly variant musicality. Each instrument/device can be ‘played’ by slight variations in RPM, and the addition or subtraction of sounding devices. An aleatoric ensemble is an improvisational live performance installation and acoustic listening experience.

Gary Warner has been making experimental music and sound art derived from everyday things and field recordings since buying a cassette tape recorder in 1974. He has produced numerous soundscapes for museum and gallery exhibitions, works by artist colleagues, performances, film and video soundtracks and scores, and has recently been designing and building analogue sonic sculptures such as ‘the social lamellaphone’, ‘the 21-pendulum entropophone’ and ‘an aleatoric ensemble’.


PHONE is a new group featuring Carmen Juarez, Daryl Prondoso, Patrick Quick and Nic Warnock. They are attempting a musical dialogue that is unfamiliar to them, uncomfortable spaces between traditional rock song structures, improvisation, repetition, acoustic and electronic rhythms. A modern extension of the ‘anything goes’ liberation felt by amateur musicians in the D-I-Y post-punk era embracing consumer-affordable electronics and music that has happened before and after 1981. This is their first show and they will play the following: drum(s), guitar, synthesizers, drum machine, tape echo, tape recorder and voice.