REVIEW :: Scenes from Suburbophobia

Scenes from Suburbophobia
Comics from issues 1-10.
Edited by Chris

This comic book smiles sideways at me as I enter the Verge Reading Room. Inviting me to pick it up, sit down and see what’s inside. Once opened, I realized I am given previews of issues 1-10 of this black-and-white comic series. A flat diary of comics, humorously tells the truth or a version of the truth through Chris’s eyes.

Following the comic grid, he tells stories from his day. He focuses on the inner thoughts we all really have about everyday situations. Those thoughts you either keep to yourself or declare with great confidence that you were right about. An example of rational thoughts between an art graduate and science graduate make me really laugh out loud at the similarity I personally share with those experiences being an art graduate myself.

Reflecting on light issues of everyday life with simple illustrations, Chris adds some fun to the awkward and boring parts we all suffer through but laugh about later. I can’t wait to find all the individual issues to read through next!

Review by Demielle Lathourakis

Chris’s zines can be accessed HERE