D_O_T :: offsite exhibition // 2016

Offsite project at Gallerie pompom :: D_O_T
November 16 – December 22, 2016

Roomsheet :: HERE

+ Panel discussion: Indigenising the White Cube, November 25

A MOP project hosted in Galerie pompom presented by Verge Gallery

Artists: Doris Bush, Martha MacDonald, Isobel Major, Candy Nelson, Maureen Poulson, Beyula Puntungka.
Curated by Siân McIntyre with design and installation assistance from Anne-Louise Dadak
Presented by Verge Gallery in collaboration with Papunya Tjupi Arts.

Dotted surfaces showing u-shapes and circular patterns in earthy ochre and red tones are immediately recognisable as Western Desert dot paintings. D_O_T explores what lies beside, beneath and around these dots.  This exploration endeavors to question contemporary perceptions of Western Desert art, challenging the expectations and conditions of creative practice and the nature of value and representation of contemporary Australian art from Central Australia.  D_O_T presents the work of six artists from Papunya, home of the Western Desert Art Movement. The intricate line work and patterning illustrate detailed stories that are significant and particular to each individual artist. These drawings will be lifted off the page and translated into installation, saturating the pompom space with dynamic lines and stories from the Central Desert. A Mop project hosted in Galerie pompom presented by Verge Gallery, D_O_T exhibits a contemporary installation of works made by current artists illustrating their world view, lived experience and knowledge in an inner city Artist Run gallery.