March 1 – March 29, 2017

Frame of Mind // Roomsheet :: HERE

tapestries for galaxies // Roomsheet :: HERE

+ Artist introduction, March 1, 5:30pm-6pm
+ Slide Night: The Archive as Constellation, Thursday March 16, 6pm-8pm
+ Art crit and artist discussion, March 29, 1pm-3pm

Gallery 1 // Lucas Davidson :: Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind is a new site-specific video installation that uses light, mirror and sound to form a complex spatial reconfiguration of the screen. The 16:9 format of the screen has been reduced to a white moving image that projects through the gallery space onto a series of suspended mirrors. The mirrors respond to the slightest movements in the gallery, reflecting back abstract light forms that circumnavigate the walls, bleeding onto the floor, ceiling and internal space of the gallery making every surface including the viewers body a screen.

My intention for this work is to present a moving image that is devoid of linear and narrative associations. By reducing the moving image to white light and incorporating moving mirror, the 16:9 format of the screen doubles and fragments to create a multidimensional ever-changing image. This multiplying and overlapping of content to a point of abstraction aims to place emphasis on the viewers physicality and presence. By reversing the authoritative value structure of the screen, I am attempting to allow for an open-ended dialogue to occur where the viewer’s frame of mind becomes the narrator and maker of the work.

This work belongs to a group of installations that I have been developing over the past few years that investigate the dematerialization of the art object and more specifically the moving image. By using time and the moving image as spatial material, by challenging the way we engage with our surroundings and by renegotiating aspects of how subjectivity is defined, these works aim to raise questions about authorship, intentionality and what it means to live in a physical and digital environment at the same time.

Gallery 2 // Lisa Sammut :: tapestries for galaxies

tapestries for galaxies is concerned with the knowledge of a distant cosmic reality – so present in imagination yet far removed from the grasp of our immediate senses. A panoramic constellation of celestial structures and handmade prop-like objects, the installation presents a speculative new cosmography, where the historical practice of diagrammatical illustrations of an interconnected universal whole takes material form. Drawing on relations rather that representations, tapestries for galaxies looks to the likeness, alignments, chemistry and mimesis between objects as a relational tool for embodying a sense of expansion. While questioning the tendency for automatic and singular perspectives, this exhibition expands on the artists’ current interest in the emergence of a social, cultural and philosophical cosmic anxiety, where the astronomic, ecologic and geologic spheres can be understood as a condition of our time.