Unlimited Support
May 4 – May 27, 2017

Roomsheet :: HERE

+ Artist and curator introduction, May 4 5:30pm-6pm
+ Art crit and artist discussion, May 27, 1-3pm


Unlimited Support
Koji Ryui, Huseyin Sami & Brendan Van Hek

Unlimited Support is an artist led project that uses the formal qualities of installation, painting and sculptural work to look at what constitutes a support. The three artists employ supports in their work in diverse and distinctive ways, and in this exhibition they explore points of connection and difference in how they think through the potential of engaging with supports.

A support is an interesting formal element to consider – it is a component that serves a practical function, that has aesthetic value, and that has played a decisive role in shaping contemporary art practices. If we look at the development of conceptual art, we find the support at the centre of sites of contestation, as evident in the work of Robert Ryman for example, who challenged the physical constructs of the gallery to question the authority of the institution. Similarly Richard Tuttle committed acts of transgression by either disregarding or redefining support structures to again question the institution and expand the understanding of what an artwork could be.

A support can be employed to elevate, steady, frame, re-position and re-propose an object. The support generally acts in aid of the object and traditionally in museum presentations can be viewed as being secondary, even subservient to it. The relationship between the support and the object then is one that can be connected to complex ideas tied to relationships, balance of power, reliance and dependence. Taken outside the context of an art object, this can by association be employed to talk of issues that are personal, psychological, political, emotional, social.

Koji Ryui, Huseyin Sami & Brendan Van Hek are represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney