REVIEW :: A Collection of Interrupted Work

Lovingly Interrupted :: A Collection of Interrupted Work by Anne Harris

The Story of Conception, Fruition, Interruption & Inspiration

A thoughtfully stitched-together body of Anne Harris’ work; a maker who has a passion for “the handmade and traditional methods of women’s work.” Anne utilizes fabric, fibres and wood and draws simple inspiration from her surroundings. Reading the introduction, it is wonderful to see her determination in conserving  traditional fabrics and methods of making. With advancement in technology, disappearing skills and knowledge of traditional hand-made artwork is an increasing concern. It is refreshing to see artists like Anne who, through their practice, are advocating for and revitalizing traditional concepts and techniques that are also aligned with environmental-sustainability

She begins by exploring Woman’s Work Process and how she identifies herself in that context. She then continues with the first collection of her work: Interrupted Work (2013), “telling the stories of women, mothers, wives, daughters and sisters…[and]creatively records  the fluidity that women have to embrace, as they juggle all that life throws at them.” Harris concludes by including her exploration with natural dye and stitching techniques, with notes and diagrams for the readers to try.

Reviewed by Farnaz (Naz) Bairaghi

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