August 3 – August 26, 2017

Down the Barrel // Roomsheet :: HERE

all matter has a past // Roomsheet :: HERE

+ Artist and curator introduction August 3, 5:30-6pm
+ Materiality and practice, August 5, 1:30-3pm
+ A Day of Conversations, August 12, 1-3pm
Aboriginal Poetry Night Open Mic, August 17, 6-8pm
+ Closing Celebration, August 26, 2-4pm

Gallery 1 :: Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance :: Elaine Syron :: Curated by Rebekah Raymond

Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance is a solo exhibition of works by Elaine Syron. Syron’s photographs capture Indigenous resistance in and around Sydney over the past four decades. From grassroots movements to mass protests, her photographs document moments that changed history, united mobs and paved the way for future generations. Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance begins with Elaine’s rarely-seen photographs and expands to posters and archival documents from 1972 to today. The exhibition embraces the connections and tangents of history and storytelling. The exhibition title Down the Barrel alludes to the photographic medium and immersive style used by Syron. This title speaks to the very real dangers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples then and now.

Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance is a timely exhibition; 2017 is a year of significant anniversaries.
The 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum (1967)
The 45th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy (1972)
The 40th anniversary of the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (1977)
The 30th anniversary of the N.S.W. Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Watch Committee (1987)
The 25th anniversary of the Mabo Decision (1992)
The 25th anniversary of Paul Keating’s Redfern speech (1992)
The 20th anniversary of the Bringing Them Home Report (1997)
The 10th anniversary of the NT Intervention (2007)

These anniversaries prompt us to reflect on triumphs, losses, trauma, and the resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this exhibition contains images and names of deceased persons in photographs, film, and printed material.

Gallery 2 :: all matter has a past :: Penny Coss (Perth), Sean O’Connell (Sydney), and Clare Peake (Broome) :: curated by Consuelo Cavaniglia

all matter has a past is an exhibition that centres on the idea of encounters – between a person and a site, an idea and a form, a material and a force. The artists in this exhibition share an interest in the idea of transference and exchange. In their work, encounters between forces or entities are either orchestrated or observed and within them the artists find connections to place, personal histories, and to formal enquiries of material and form. From across the country, across professional generations and disciplines, the work of the three artists is brought together in a first time encounter to stimulate a conversation and to find conceptual and aesthetic connections. In the gallery the work takes form as sculpture, installation, painting and moving image, and the exhibition looks to use the movable gallery walls to re-format the space for the work to come together as a fluid exchange.