First Thursday of each show // Free for public
Verge Gallery

Join artists and curators as they discuss their exhibition at Verge Gallery. Inviting the public to view the show before the opening night celebrations begin. Artists and curators will introduce their artworks and share their insight and inspiration.


+ November at Verge :: To the inclusion of all others & Geometric Asylum
Introductions by curators Nina Dodd and Jonno Revanche & artist Lachlan Anthony
Thursday November 2, 5:30pm-6pm


+ October at Verge :: To pierce, to puncture & Turtle Dove
Introductions by curators Rachel Ciesla & Nicholas Kleindienst
Thursday October 19, 5:30pm-6pm

+ September at Verge :: Can’t Touch This
Introduction by curator Miriam Kelly
Thursday August 31, 5:30pm-6pm

+ August at Verge ::  Down the Barrel: Indigenous Resistance & all matter has a past
Introduction by curators Consuelo Cavaniglia & Rebekah Raymond
Thursday August 3, 5:30pm-6pm

+ July at Verge :: Portraits of Men
Introduction by curator Siân McIntyre
Thursday June 29, 5:30pm-6pm

+ June at Verge :: Onward & Song Of Sibyls
Introduction by artists Harriet Body & Marlaina Read
Thursday June 1, 5:30pm-6pm

+ May at Verge :: Unlimited Support
Introduction by artists Koji Ryui & Brendan Van Hek
Thursday  May 4, 5:30pm-6pm

+ April at Verge :: Woven & Translated Roots
Introduction by artists Leyla Stevens, Bridie Gillman, Alfira O’Sullivan, Kartika Suharto-Martin , Ida Lawrence and Mashara Wachjudy & Shireen Taweel
Thursday April 6, 5:30pm-6pm

+ March at Verge :: Frame of Mind & tapestries for galaxies
Introduction by artists Lucas Davidson & Lisa Sammut
Thursday March 1, 5:30pm-6pm

+ February at Verge :: Corporeal : the presence and absence
Introduction by curators Helen Waller & Chloé Hazelwood
Thursday February 2, 5:30pm-6pm