DISCUSSION :: Geometric Asylum, December 2, 1-3pm

Discussion :: Geometric Asylum
December 2, 1-3pm
Verge Gallery

A round table conversation between artist, writer, producer and director Rebecca Conroy and exhibiting artist Lachlan Anthony discussing key themes in each other’s research and art practice.

Lachlan Anthony’s current exhibition at Verge Gallery entitled Geometric Asylum explores relationships between space, power and control. His works investigate exclusionary spatial strategies associated with neoliberalism to reflect upon the incidence of human exclusion, spatial inequity and ideological violence manifesting in the built forms of the city. In this public program event also featuring Rebecca Conroy, Lachlan will share select research material on deterrent design and hostile architecture that provides a critical and politicized reading of the urban landscape and its specific features.

To complement this research mode of identifying the exclusionary strategies that compromise democratic access to space, Rebecca Conroy will discuss emerging movements that engage radical municipality and explore how these inclusive approaches to space,  politics and organisation redress macroeconomic power asymmetries at a local level. Rebecca will use the issue of housing as an example of how radical democracy can be embedded into built form.

Rebecca Conroy works in an interdisciplinary manner as a director, curator, producer, researcher and writer across community, site-based events, discursive practices, and intercultural collaborations. For more than a decade she has been a vital part of the artist run scene in Sydney, co founding and directing The Wedding Circle and Bill+George, as well as Gang Festival, a creative exchange with Indonesian artist run spaces and site specific festival (2005 – 2008). From 2008-2010 she was Associate Director of Performance Space and since then has worked freelance for a range of arts organisations as dramaturge, researcher, writer and provocateur.

Lachlan Anthony is a Melbourne based artist, activist, arts worker and educator. He completed an MFA at The Victorian College of the Arts in 2016, his body of practice led research was entitled Power, Violence and Control: Experimenting with Spatial Politics and Neoliberalism in the installation frame. Lachlan has recently been focusing his creative energy into a series of activist actions with The Artists’ Committee in Melbourne, aiming to bring visibility and ultimately severance to the relationship between Wilson Security and the National Gallery of Victoria. Wilson security have profited from mandatory detention of refugees on Manus and Naru islands and have a detailed record of human rights abuses in these offshore detention centres. The Artists’ Committee is an informal association of sculptors, filmmakers, curators, writers, theatre makers, painters and designers, that makes collaborative public work around the intersection of money, ethics and culture.