Opening January 18, 6pm-8pm
A studio based practice & Documents, Alternatives #2
Continuing to February 24

+ January 18, 5:30-6pm, curator introductions to A studio based practice & Documents, Alternatives #2
+ January 18, opening night, live performance by Morrad + McArthur
+ January 20, 1-3pm, Curator and artist talks for Documents, Alternatives
+ February 1, 5:30-7:30pm, live performances :: A Novel Script: Text as an Expanded Medium in Contemporary Practice
+ February 24, 1-3pm, Art crit

Gallery 1 :: A studio based practice
Karen Benton, Jessica Mei Cham, Harry Seeley, and Justyna Stanczew
Curated by Kim Nguyen and Bethan Cotterill

A studio based practice unites works by four recent Sydney College of the Arts graduates who challenge art academy traditions through thoughtful subversions of studio-derived boundaries, expectations, and hierarchies. The traditional art academy model of studio based teaching divides students into studios based on their technical skills; students are then assessed based on ideologies and standards unique to their studio. A studio based practice positions the studio model as a fixture worth questioning by alluding to its roots and ongoing relationships with power, patriarchy, and class hierarchies through trans-disciplinary investigations of ideas and materials that are de-privileged by academy standards.

Gallery 2 :: Documents, Alternatives #2
Angela Bartram, Andrew Bracey, David Brazier and Kelda Free, Luce Choules, Emma Cocker and Clare Thornton, Kate Corder, Steve Dutton, Tim Etchells, Rochelle Haley, Morrad + McArthur, Andrew Pepper, and Louise K. Wilson
Curated by Angela Bartram

Documents, Alternatives #2 is a (re-)staging of ephemeral artworks that is in ‘motion’ and responsive to intent. The exhibition foregrounds fluidity and diversity of translation and includes multiple art voices and modes of output including video, holography, text, painting, print and sound. This is an experimental, discursive strategy whereby the document becomes a new artwork and the artwork becomes a new document to keep the ephemeral evolving and in transition.

Opening night special performance by artists Morrad + McArthur will perform a live sound work including saxophone improvisation, the first time in their collaborative history. With Morrad based in Lincoln, UK and McArthur in Sydney, Australia their collaboration has only happened  through virtual means. They link themselves together through time, meeting each other through random actions, some of which only will only occur once. The sound and its affect is differs throughout the event; the artists see the work as creatures interacting in random acts forming ‘instants’ that merge to become one act of sound; the listener is the only document of this encounter at these moments in time, in this space.