LIVE PERFORMANCES :: A Novel Script: Text as an Expanded Medium in Contemporary Practice, February 1, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Live Performances :: A Novel Script: Text as an Expanded Medium in Contemporary Practice
Thursday February 1, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Verge Gallery
Free // All welcome

Join us for a selection of short performances by artists whose practices incorporate text as an expanded medium. At the University of Sydney and many other educational and cultural institutions, creative writing teaching and practice are structurally separated from art teaching and practice. The boundary between art and writing is drawn for us from a young age, as art classrooms are stocked with many creative mediums, and creative writing exercises remain confined to paper, keyboard, or voice. A Novel Script seeks to diminish that boundary by presenting performances that demonstrate the fluidity of text as a creative and critical medium.

+ Jessica Mei Cham
+ Patrick Diment
+ Paul Cooper
+ Yemaya McDonald

Presented in conjunction with A studio based practice exhibition.

Image: Paul Cooper hammers nails into a wooden plank in his performance Meaning-Mean-Meaningful.

Jessica Mei Cham

Jessica Mei Cham is an emerging interdisciplinary artist and poet currently studying at Sydney College of the Arts. Her current practice spans poetry, performance, sculpture and photomedia. As a poet, she is interested in the difficult, the mundane and the unparsable.

Patrick Diment

Patrick Diment is a Sydney based artist whose work spans the mediums of photography, video, writing and performance. Diment’s practice attempts to locate a sense of agency for contemporary living. His work pits particularity against predictably, individuality against universality and a sense of apocalyptic paranoia for the human race at large against a deep love for people.

Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper is a conceptual artist who uses everyday elements, objects and materials working across sculptural installations, performance, painting and photomedia. Cooper’s work encourages us to question whether our beliefs are valid, idealistic or misguided through exploring the spaces between actuality and that what our mind erases, probing the obvious and purposefully ignored.

Yemaya McDonald

Yemaya McDonald uses words and images to build landscapes of memory, both real and imagined, making visible what lives in the hidden terrains of the mind and the past. She delves into familial stories of war, displacement and mental illness to explore the echoes and traces of the human condition. Using the memories of people who have touched her life, she creates a series of honest and intimate pieces as an archive of the remarkable and at times heroic lives of seemingly ordinary people.