March at Verge Double Bill Public Program, March 24

A day of activities at Verge Gallery for March at Verge exhibitions Coca-Colanized, & We are infinite.

Saturday March 24, 11am-4pm

11am-1pm, Kwento at Kain (Talk and Eat), presented by Marikit Santiago for Coca-Colanized with special guest Eunice Andrada.

The presence of Spam in the Philippines is the result of US military occupation in World War II and has since gained widespread popularity, transcending economic class to become a cultural symbol and a mealtime luxury in many Filipino households.

The prestige projected on the American canned meat demonstrates an attitude known as ‘colonial mentality’ whereby Western practices are considered culturally superior and colonised people are dismissive of their indigenous practices, relegating their tradition as inferior to foreign custom. This attitude forms the grounds for Coca-Colanised.

Join artist Marikit Santiago for an artist talk and a reading by Filipina poet Eunice Andrada. Following the talks, enjoy a Filipino Spam breakfast lovingly prepared by Marikit’s Nanay (mum).

1pm-3pm, Collaborative Textile Gathering, presented by Nicole Barakat for We are infinite.

Join artist Nicole Barakat in the creation of a large-scale collaborative textile work.

The collaboration intends to connect folks through the intimate act of stitching and to consider the potential of our collective making for the healing and transformation of ourselves, our communities and our earth.

The work will evolve over the duration of the gatherings. All materials and tools will be provided. Folks are also welcome to bring their own cloth to contribute.