SERIES :: Aftersound

Presented by Rainbow Chan and Verge Gallery

+ Saturday 2 June, 1:00-3:30pm

Aftersound is a new performance program with a focus on sonic experiences, space and collaboration. Curated by Sydney-based artist Rainbow Chan, Aftersound asks its performers to create new works which consider the poetics of Verge Gallery’s space.

While the gallery’s concrete floors, tall windows and floating walls might present problems for a regular musical performance, Aftersound is interested in inviting performers to explore, play with and tease out these spatio-temporal peculiarities. How might one interact with the reverb or decay of the room? Or utilise the natural light refracted by the glass panels of the gallery? How can one push traditional boundaries of the white cube through various modes of performance?

Aftersound welcomes multi-disciplinary approaches to performance and contemporary music making which engage with sound, art, movement, improvisation and temporary installation. The program aims to also foster connections between emerging artists and more established practitioners by staging a collaborative component during each event.

A casual lecturer in Sydney Conservatorium’s Bachelor of Contemporary Music, Rainbow is committed to providing new opportunities for students to gain practical performance experience. What’s more, unlike other music venues, Verge Gallery’s space provides an ideal context for performers to test out strange, provocative and novel ideas.

Saturday June 2

Performances by:
Alyx Dennison x Bonniesongs – two singer/multi-instrumentalists making noisy soundscapes with voice and live percussion in a gallery space.

Sophie Van Dijk’s composition “Towards Adventure” for 4 saxophones. Performed by Marcus Whale, Rainbow Chan, Isabella Fiorentino & Oscar Saran.

Thibaud Kesell x Ivey Wawn – improvisation between keys, interactive electronics and a dancer.

Olivia Warhol-Bernard – intricate pop with beats, vocal looping and harp.

Aqrn – ambient works with tape loops and drum machine.

Performances were followed by a short discussion on creative processes and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Rainbow Chan
Marcus Whale
Ivey Wawn
Alyx Dennison