Panel :: The pervasiveness of the body in art

Panel :: The pervasiveness of the body in art
Thursday August 2, 6pm – 8pm
Verge Gallery
FREE // All welcome

Critical Bodies considers the pervasiveness of the body in art and therefore it’s locus as central to critical discourse. The artists in Critical Bodies demonstrate the extent to which the body in art can continue to pose questions. For this new generation of artists, the body is a critical site of representation; for challenging how the body appears, how it is represented, the negotiation of femininity and masculinity, the visibility/invisibility of queer bodies, and bodies as a site of voyeurism and violence.  Corporeal connections between bodies is also important. For many of the artists in this exhibition, connections between young and old, between the strong and the weak, between human and animal, are made explicit.

Join the artists, curators, and guests to discuss the pervasiveness of the body in art.

+ Donna West Brett
+ Natalya Hughes
+ Julie Rrap
+ Cherine Fahd
+ Danica Knezevic
+ David C. Collins

+ Donna West Brett is an art historian, art writer and curator. Donna is Early Career Development Fellow in Art History in the Department of Art History, FASS, University of Sydney. Her areas of research include the history and theory of photography, modernism, international contemporary art, cold war visual culture, curatorial practice & theory.

+ Natalya Hughes is an artist and Director of Photography at the University of Technology Sydney. Natalya’s research is in painting, digital media and installation. Her work is consistently concerned with maligned decorative and ornamental traditions and their association with the feminine, the body and excess.

+ Cherine Fahd is a photo-media artist and Senior Lecturer in Photography the University of Technology Sydney. Her practice concentrates on photographic explorations of the body, appearance, otherness and concealment.

+ Julie Rrap has been a major figure in Australian contemporary art for over 30 years. Since the mid-1970s, she has worked with photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video in an ongoing project concerned with representations of the body. Julie is Senior Lecturer Visual Arts and HDR Coordinator at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

+ Danica Knezevic is a performance artist working across endurance performance, video, installation and photography. Her performances utilise autobiographical experience, while putting her body through physical tests of strength. Her performances offer intimacy, while questioning the performance of gender. Danica is currently a PhD candidate at Sydney College of the Arts and sessional lecturer in photography at the University of Technology Sydney.

+ David C. Collins is a photo and video artist. David graduated with an MFA from Sydney College of the Arts in 2017. His work examines representations of the male body, masculinity and associated social constructs. His videos regularly feature animals. For example, Horses feature often as protagonists in intimate and yet confrontational scenes of the body in action.