Opening August 16, 6pm-8pm
Human Jerky: meatbags through the eyes of technology and Emotions invented by the Internet
Continuing to September 22

+ August 16, 5:30–8pm, curatorial introductions and opening of August/September exhibitions
+ August 18, 11:30am–1pm, Panel talk: Machine aesthetics of the human body
+ September 22, 1–3pm, Art Crit

Human Jerky: meatbags through the eyes of technology
Tully Arnot, Josh Harle, Jason Phu, Brenton Alexander Smith, Jason Wing & Louise Zhang

Emerging technologies such as robotics move beyond abstract interaction and into direct engagement with the physical world. With them comes an explosion of domain-specific models to understand and negotiate the human body. From surgical robot models, crash test dummies, and sex robots, to automated battlefield drones and the ethics algorithms of self-driving cars, these technologies are fundamentally carnal – tasked with managing the needs, desires, values, threats, and vulnerabilities of human flesh. Their internal aesthetics are alien, frightening, and monstrous.

Emotions invented by the Internet
Jessica Herrington and Anna Madeleine

Emotions Invented by the Internet by Jessica Herrington and Anna Madeleine is an exhibition of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) artworks exploring emotional states instigated by new technologies. The feeling of helplessly watching a slow download; the feeling of trying to make two devices find each other through Bluetooth; or the feeling of finding that perfect GIF – these emotions range from the tranquil to exhilarating, funny to frustrating. Through 360 degree animations and dream-like digital relics, this exhibition presents a simulation and a remedy for future mental states, in a meditative response to living with new technology.

Anna Madeline’s project was generously supported by: