The Failure Debate

The Failure Debate
21.11.18, from 6:30pm
Facilitated by Sophie Penkethman-Young

The Failure Debate answers the question ‘Is it good to fail?’. The Failure Debate explores hard work and the joys of losing from the six unique point of views. Join us on Wednesday 21 November to hear two teams of winning professionals compete to prove whether or not it is good to fail.

The night’s festivities will include a performance by Sydney artist collaborative, Make or Break (Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo).

The Failure Debate has been facilitated by Sophie Penkethman-Young and features debaters Amber Boardman (Artist – Personal Best), Avani Dias (triple j Hack), Yvonne East (Artist), Johnny Lieu (Mashable), Lizette Lee (USU Incubate), Pablo Jeffress (, JD Reforma (Artist – Personal Best), & Hettie Wilson (Curator). The debate will be adjudicated by Tulleah Pearce (Performance Space).

Image: Will French Deep Deep Breath, install shot, Firstdraft, 2015. Photo credit: Zan Wimberley.