January 17 – February 23

Monuments to moments: Talia Smith 

Monuments to moments explores the physical and emotional marks left on the landscape left from human interaction and how that can effect a viewer. This exhibition uses photography and video.

A way to sync, live in the world, and the opposite of relax: Justin Balmain

This work follows a data file that moves from peer-to-peer networks, enabled by egalitarian distribution through the internet, reaching physical and ideological capacity as an actual object. This consideration on the value of objects as they become manifest in newer and more widely distributed systems, challenging geo-borders and localised restrictions, this singular object represents alternate means of distribution, production, and actualities.

February 28 – April 6

Still Life Pt. II: curated by Adam Stone 

The exhibition is the second iteration of an ongoing exhibition series investigating the historically significant genre of still life through a contemporary lens. The exhibition brings together an otherwise disparate group of artists working from ‘life’ or ‘fiction’ to meditate on the notion of what a still life is in our current times.

Disappear Here: Marilyn Schneider

A site specific installation that combines sculptural form and painting to create a three-dimensional configuration that examines the materiality of the Verge Gallery architecture and outdoor courtyard space.

April 11 – May 18

Resurfaced Geographies: Ellen Dahl, Izabela Pluta, and Yvette Hamilton

Resurfaced Geographies is an artist-led exhibition by Izabela Pluta, Ellen Dahl, and Yvette Hamilton that charts the intersections between topography, place and photography in the age of the Anthropocene.

a world that breathes out: Akil Ahamat

a world that breathes out is comprised of an installation made up of the traces of a speculative therapeutic technology. In a duet with the water that it superceded, the sonic shower sings a slow lament before it is washed back into the earth.

May 23 – June 22

Beta Blockers: Connie Anthes

Beta Blockers is an exhibition of wearable/tactile sculptural installations exploring political, fleshy and spatial resistances. It is important that acts of resistance and refusal and remembered as acts upon or with bodies, not simply historical accounts – this exhibition seeks to create linkages and leave traces upon the bodies that these objects encounter.

Obliteration, Creation: Ohni Blu 

Momentary obliterations, meditations and creations of a body. These practices play an important part in my life and function as a survival strategy as a chronically ill and disabled transgender person. These works explore ritual practices that create a collapsing of stable categories into a production of new truths.

June 27 – August 3

Armour For Flowers: Katy B Plummer

Armour For Flowers is a video installation project that considers the unstable, entropic relationship between a mystical and a prosaic encountering of the world, through the lens of spectator sports. Three women, dressed as flowers, first encounter each other in an viscerally embodied way. As their encounter is retold, it degrades and becomes encoded into a ritualised performance of their original encounter. At the end of the cycle, the memory of their embodied interaction has become purely decorative.

Karma is a bitch: Min Wong

This exhibition will examine metaphysical and utopian impulses of the recent past, such as the visual cultures associated with 1960s and 1970s American West Coast counterculture, ‘New Age’ spirituality and more recent tendencies towards self-help and therapeutic culture.

August 8 – September 23

Verge’s 10th birthday
Biting Morsel, a performative toast to Verge on its 10th birthday.
Curated by Tulleah Pearce

In Character- curated by Tesha Malott and Peter Johnson
Atong Atem (VIC), Ali Gumillya Baker (SA), Paola Balla (VIC), WITCH BITCH (NZ), Heath Franco (NSW), EO Gill (NSW), Shana Moulton & Nick Hallett (USA), Liam O’Brien (VIC), Phebe Schmidt (VIC).

In Character brings together Australian and international artists who use character and personae as a way to critically explore identity and social relations. Grounded in performance and portraiture, the exhibition poses questions around authenticity, sovereignty, personal histories, gender and cultural identity. By taking on or creating a variety of alternative identities, artists are able to explore heightened versions of themselves and the world around them—revealing truths about power, selfhood and the forces that bind us together.


October 3-10
USU Creative Awards

The USU Creative Awards gives student artists from all University of Sydney campuses and faculties a chance to showcase and publish their work to peers, industry professionals and the local community.

October 17 – October 29
USYD Curatorial Lab

The Curatorial Lab offers students currently studying the Masters of Art Curating at the University of Sydney an opportunity to curate exhibitions in galleries across the University’s campuses.

November 7 – December 14

The Fullness of Time

The Fullness of Time is a collaborative exhibition by Caroline Garcia and JD Reforma. Through two distinct yet interrelated approaches, each artist explores the way that time is recorded in material and language. In her new installation Primetime, Garcia creates a choreography of transliteration, playing with different tenses in both Tagalog and English, spoken and written, distorting the perception of time in language. In his new work, Bounty, Reforma has utilised accretive, durational gestures to distill common Filipino products and materials into a series of installations that explore form, mark and composition.


JD Reforma, Archipelago (detail), 2019, coconut shell, timber, saw horses. Courtesy the artist