Album Launch: We Make Each Other Up

Album Launch: We Make Each Other Up
Tuesday 26 March
From 6.30pm

Verge Gallery is excited to be a part of the inaugural March Dance program by hosting the launch of Megan Alice Clune’s composition for ‘We Make Each Other Up’, the recently premiered dance work of choreographer Rhiannon Newton. Envisioning a world that is deeply and sensitively networked, We Make Each Other Up conjures a “vespertine biosphere” where care, multi-species cooperation and alternative speeds for living saturate the fibres of being. Released under Sydney record label, World’s Only, Clune’s “powerfully earthy and enveloping” score will be performed live with uniquely vegetal collaborators and video from the original performance.

We Make Each Other Up is a Dancehouse Housemate Production, originally developed and presented in 2018 at Dancehouse, Melbourne

+ Megan Alice Clune
+ Rhiannon Newton

Image credit: Rhiannon Newton and David Huggins ‘We Make Each Other Up’, photo by Gregory Lorenzutti

Megan Alice Clune shifts between musician, composer and artist. Primarily, her work consists of a dissection of musical elements and contexts through verbal or text-based scores, sound installation and collaboration. Megan has presented work and undertaken residencies across Australia, Europe and North America, including the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival (MA), Underbelly Arts, Next Wave Festival, Performa 15 (NYC) and Vivid Live at the Sydney Opera House.

Rhiannon Newton is an Australian dancer and choreographer. She creates performance works that inhabit theatre, public and gallery spaces. Ongoing themes in her work include repetition and the study patterns that give rise to change and stasis within the body and our world. Rhiannon has been commissioned by Dancehouse Melbourne for Housemate 2018 (We Make Each Other Up) and Dance Massive 2017 (Bodied Assemblies). Her works have been presented nationally and internationally in contexts such as Brisbane Festival, The Powerhouse: Festival 2018, Firstdraft Exhibitions Program, Nagib On Stage (SL), Tanzhaus Zurich (CH) and Movement Research at the Judson Church (USA). She has developed her practice in residencies throughout Australia, Europe and the USA and been a part of international exchange programs involving Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Singapore. Rhiannon works as a collaborator/performer with artists such as Mette Edvardsen, Elysa Wendi, Martin Del Amo, Amrita Hepi, Benjamin Forster, Rosalind Crisp, Paea Leach and Brooke Stamp.

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