Special guest: CLYPSO (Claudine Michael)
Performances by Indira Elias, Grace Barr and Harnit Bharaj
Saturday 23 November

Aftersound is a performance program curated by Sydney artist Rainbow Chan. While the gallery’s concrete floors, tall windows and floating walls might present spacial challenges for a regular musical performance, Aftersound invites performers to explore, play with and tease out these spatio-temporal peculiarities. How might one interact with the reverb or decay of the room? Or utilise the natural light refracted by the glass panels of the gallery? How can one push traditional boundaries of the white cube through various modes of performance?

Aftersound welcomes multi-disciplinary approaches to performance and contemporary music making which engage with sound, art, movement, improvisation and temporary installation. The program aims to also foster connections between emerging artists and more established practitioners by staging a collaborative component during each event.

A sessional lecturer in Sydney Conservatorium’s Bachelor of Contemporary Music, Rainbow is committed to providing new opportunities for students to gain practical performance experience. What’s more, unlike other music venues, Verge Gallery’s space provides an ideal context for performers to test out strange, provocative and novel ideas.


CLYPSO (Claudine Michael)
Claudine is a Sydney based organist, electronic pop musician, sound designer, organ technician and teacher with a passion for blending electronic and acoustic elements to create evocative sonic environments.

As an organist, Claudine provides accompaniment to weddings, funerals, church services and concerts around Sydney. She also works at All Organs Australia, a premier supplier of electronic organs in Australia and is the Sydney representative for installation and sales. As a sound designer at doeanddoe, a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in Sydney, she has created sound pieces for theatre, animation and science communication.

Claudine also produces under the moniker CLYPSO garnering attention as FBi radio’s Independent Artist of the week and nominated for ’Next Big Thing’ in the 2018 FBi SMAC awards, reaching #10 on Spotify’s Australia Viral 50, handpicked to tour with PNAU, Art vs Science as well as played festivals like Meredith, Listen Out, Lost Paradise and Spilt Milk to name a few. She released her debut EP ‘Cameo’ in January 2019.

Claudine also teaches organ, piano, programming and vocals. As an extension of her theoretical practice, Claudine was selected as one of five emerging reviewers participating in the 2016 Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music and has been published in RealTime Australia.

Indira Elias
Indira Elias silences rooms with her striking voice and powerful, cinematic folk-noir soundscapes. Carefully sculpting songs, she is at once philosopher and muse, imbuing deep poetic sentiment into her work. Her debut single ‘Restart,’ has been warmly received as an intimate journey of deconstructing and healing. Indira captures her influences from Leonard Cohen to Portishead, Elis Regina to Feist in her transportive sound. 

Grace Barr 
Grace Barr is a banjo player and songwriter from England who lives in Sydney, Australia on Gadigal Land. She has performed on the bar-top at the Bearded Tit in Redfern, a square dance at the Alleghany Jubilee and stages near & far. Inspired by country, techno & old time music – she sings songs about her adventures in these worlds. Joined by Yolanda Frost on drum kit.

Harnit Bharaj
Vocalist, guitarist and producer, Harnit Bharaj crafts experimental RnB. She explores texture and rhythm in unconventional ways, sculpting dynamic and unique performances that combine synthetic and acoustic sounds. Currently studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Harnit is writing and producing her solo EP.