Flash Drive

Bronte Cormican-Jones, Indivi Bacon, Roisin Spencer, Rosie Thomas, Ruby Reid, Sophie Zhou, Squished Cockroach, Tara Lyubicic, Victor Zhou.
Curated by Keesha Field and Alexandra Jonscher

Opening Friday 14 February, 3:30-5:30 pm, Manning Building, Level 1
Manning Building, Level 1 and Laneway Cafe, University of Sydney
Continuing until 29 May

A flash drive is a digital vessel, a mechanism by which data is stored such as images, information and memories. Allie and Keesha investigate the relationship between the containers of both the physical and digital world. As humans, we will always require storage of some kind- a type of archive which we can revisit another time. Allie and Keesha view a frame as the physical equivalent of a flash drive by which the artists of USYD may store the progress in their creative journey.

Verge extends a huge welcome to the students and staff of Sydney College of the Arts!
We are thrilled to have you here on main campus and look forward to collaborating with the SCA community from 2020 onwards.


A SCASS exhibition supported by Verge Projects.

Image credit: (detail), Victor Zhou, untitled, digital image printed on paper, 2019