In conversation: ‘Photomechanical’

*Please note, in response to the COVID-19 situation, this public program has been cancelled.

In conversation: Photomechanical

with Yvette Hamilton, Jack Harman, Matthew James & Zan Wimberley.
Wednesday 18 March
6-7:30 pm

In Camera Lucida Roland Barthes states ‘I wanted to learn at all costs what photography was “in itself” by what essential feature it was to be distinguished from the community of images’ perhaps photography is unclassifiable? It’s certainly difficult… The exhibition Photomechanical does not directly attempt to answer ontological questions, explore semiotics or representation – rather it aims to present a body of work that further in trench the medium. Confuse the senses and distort preconceptions. Inviting the audience to enquire and contribute to the dialogue.

This panel discussion aims to evaluate the field of expanded photography with particular emphasis on the works exhibited in Photomechanical. More specifically the discussion will explore the material possibilities of photographs, their histories, the contexts they’re produced in – discussing the potential sculptural possibilities that arise in photographic processes.


Image credit: Zan Wimberley, Cascade, wax candle, studio light, plinth, variable, 2020. Photography by Zan Wimberley.