is part one of Verge Project’s ongoing investigation of a developing global situation; examining how we are learning to navigate, adapt and respond to a world in flux and the changing university landscape. 

Curated by USYD Arts student Anthia Balis aims to connect the USYD community through the retelling of personal experiences—about their physical absence from campus, home isolation and re-entering public spaces and uni life. is a text-based exhibition using conversations with the USYD community as the foundation for the artworks produced by the USYD Calligraphy Society (CalSoc).



Artworks by Zhao Mei Zheng, Oscar Xiao, Gloria Wing Yan Chan, Janice Ng,  Isaac Gomez and Chloe Lim.

Anthia Balis is a USYD Arts student, majoring in Art History and English. Anthia has been a dedicated volunteer at Verge Gallery since beginning her degree in early 2019. Anthia has also volunteered at Carriageworks, assisting with the running of the exhibition Mike Parr: The Eternal Opening. As an emerging curator and Arts student, Anthia is particularly interested in the role of curator and critic in shaping socio-cultural discussion.

Anthia Balis

The USYD Calligraphy Society (CalSoc) is a student society that provides members of the USYD community with the opportunity to practice and develop skills in the ancient art form of calligraphy. CalSoc holds weekly workshops, sharing with students the basics of both Western and Chinese calligraphy, utilising both copperplate and brush calligraphy.


L-R: Isaac Gomez, Oscar Xiao, Gloria Wing Yan Chan, Monica Zhang, Zhao Mei Zheng, Chloe Lim. CalSoc USYD

Zhao Mei Zheng

   is an evolving exhibition, continuing to produce artworks that respond to our changing world. If you are a member of the USYD community and interested in being interviewed for the exhibition, contact Anthia Balis at

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