2020 exhibition program


This is who I am
Lilly Lai, EJ Son, Soo-min Shim, Athena Thebus and Chloe Corkran & Zoe Wong
Curated by Sharon Hong
This is who I am explores the experience of being queer Asian-Australian; the familial connections, cultural expectations, and the binary conflicts on the disparities of the East and West. The exhibition showcases five contemporary, emerging artists who identify as Asian-Australian and Queer on the Asian diaspora—within the intersectionality of our socio-political and socio-cultural climate.  


Zoe Wong, littlebrother1, C-Type print. Image courtesy of the artist.



Geospatial Atlas Vaughan

Geospatial Atlas explores the creative potential of using tracking technologies as a drawing tool. Presented as a fragmented atlas of biometric data and embodied glitches, this exhibition attempts to map the emotional qualities of places as filtered through disorienting new technologies.  
Vaughan Wozniak- O’Connor, Drone Crash, data visualisation of on site materials, drone flight and emotional response data via galvanic skin response. Image courtesy of the artist.



Ciaran Begley, Jack Dunbar, Jack Harman (cur), Matthew James, Sarah Mosca & Zan Wimberley

Photomechanical explores the slippage between photo and object: how light is used as a tool  for sculpting photographic material and how these processes might adumbrate some knowledge of the medium. The artists present a narrative of ‘light writing’ that is more emanative than reflexive of its own nature.  


Matthew James, Flash bulb, transparency film, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist.


Entre Todo, Todxs (Among Everything, Everyone)
Nadia Hernández

Entre Todo, Todxs (Among Everything, Everyone) is a new body of work consisting of paintings, paper cutouts, textiles and sound presented at Verge Gallery. This exhibition articulates the intersection between hope and conflict through the documentation of collective memories, imagery, and sounds. 

“The artworks pay homage to my great grandmother, Delia. Many of my family members have contributed stories, anecdotes, memories, recipes and sounds to commemorate my great grandmother. This exhibition includes personal and familial histories and is a celebration of a matriarch and beloved individual whose cotidianidad (daily life) and idiosyncrasies echoed the particularities of her surroundings.”
Nadia Hernández

Image credit: Nadia Hernández, Todo le quedaba tan divino y espectacular, (Everything was so divine and spectacular), oil on linen
137.5 x 102 cm, 2020. Photography by Zan Wimberley.