ARTBOX is a designated student exhibition space that showcases an ongoing rotation of artworks. ARTBOX is an initiative produced by Verge Projects and the University of Sydney Libraries.

The ARTBOXES are situated on Level 3 and 4 corridors in the Fisher Library.
Curated by Anthia Balis
Featuring CalSoc

(Level 3 corridor Fisher Library)

Curated by USYD Arts student Anthia Balis, aims to connect the USYD community through the retelling of personal experiences to do with their physical absence from campus, home isolation, re-entering public spaces and uni life.

Featuring artworks by the University of Sydney’s Calligraphy Society (CalSoc): Zhao Mei Zheng, Chloe Lim, Jance Ng, Oscar Xiao, Gloria Wing Yan Chan, Kimberley Chen, and Isaac Gomez, is a text-based exhibition that uses conversations with the USYD community as the foundation for the artworks. is part one of Verge Project’s ongoing investigation of a developing global situation; examining how we are learning to navigate, adapt and respond to a world in flux and the changing university landscape.


Yu Zhao
Lockdown in a room of one’s own
Digital print, handmade book and Interactive Virtual Reality.

(Level four corridor Fisher Library)

This artwork is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the new world we find ourselves within. Lockdown in a room of one’s own doesn’t necessarily mean one has to live by themselves. It just means being isolated from the outside; one has to face their own possessions, anxiety and uncertainty. While social distancing, one relies on the internet to carry on a normal life and keep connected with others. With the overwhelming information, one can even immerse in others’ situations. However, without the sense of touch, this kind of social interaction is still an isolated experience lacking emotional connection.

* This work is interactive and the artist invites you to enter  into her virtual space via the QR code.

Chinese-born, Australian artist Yu Zhao is a current Bachelor of Visual Arts (Print-media) at the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA). Yu explores concepts through different mediums including printmaking, new technologies and installation. With a focus on everyday materials and images, Yu investigates ideas about identity and social interactions under the impact of social media.


Lukas Kalos

Untitled (Time passes me by, but I just want to have a conversation) (I just sit here and wonder if they will ever come back, maybe I’ll just wait, I think they will wait over there).
Inkjet transfer on paper

77cm x 400cm

(Lower ground corridor Fisher Library)

This work examines ideas about reproduction qualities in photography and how image can represent human sensibility. The images are of my bedroom, using a set perspective and time lapse still that is layered onto the paper using a transfer inkjet printing techniques. This approach experiments with the original form of the photograph. By breaking down the image, I attempt to bring emotion and memory to the idiosyncrasies of our physical spaces, making colour and line prevalent. By deconstructing the original image, this represents the abnormalities and change we have recently encountered in contrast to the stability of the past. This work investigates memory, time and emotion and our inherent and constant connection to them.

Lukas Kalos is currently studying Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts.




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