Jane Foss Russell Plaza
City Road, Darlington, University of Sydney Union, 2006.
Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Opening hours:
10am – 5pm Tuesday – Friday.
11am-4pm Saturday.

Siân McIntyre
P: 0295636218


Verge Gallery is a not-for-profit space provided by the University of Sydney Union. Since August 2009, we have provided a creative space where students access exhibitions and events that enrich their experience on campus. Situated in the Chippendale-Redfern-Darlington creative hub, we expand beyond our university setting to provide exhibitions and events that are relevant to the wider community with content that is current, engaged and critical. Our key vision is to present innovative and dynamic exhibitions from emerging, mid-career and established artists that provide a platform for critical dialogue around creative practice and current issues with forums, panels and discussions.

Previous Verge Gallery Directors:
Christine Morrow 2009 – 2011
Dr Greg Shapley 2011 – 2014
Current Director: 
Siân McIntyre 2014 –

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